+ Welcome to GERA, LET'S OUTDO


To be the most dominant and respected real estate developer

Our Values

We are as strong as our values. Over the last 5 decades we have held our values close to our heart and lived by them each day.

Building Trust

It is the outcome of our culture of outdoing.
We believe in maintaining a transparent
relationship with all our stakeholders and creating
an atmosphere of faith and certainty.


For us, Quality means setting standards of our own.
We reckon that delivering our services
without compromising on class and calibre is a must and
we aim to achieve that with every sq. ft. we deliver.

Making Innovation
a Habit

Thinking differently to deliver new customer centric
experiences is one of the pivotal values that helps us live
up to our standards of excellence. With every launch
and every project, we seek to ‘Outdo’ our own expertise
making us the innovators and game-changers.

Keeping our
customers at the centre
of everything we do

Keeping customers at the centre of all our plans and actions is pivotal,
even after 5 decades. Prioritising our customers and their needs
forms the basis for all our blueprints

They have all added up to two big words

Let's Outdo

At Gera, 'Let's Outdo' is a 50-year-old philosophy that has driven us, to challenge the status quo, to raise standards instead of meeting them, to exceed expectations rather than living up to them, to build trust and homes alike, and evolve the industry while evolving lifestyles alongside. 'Let's Outdo' is what has fuelled our drive to innovate keeping the customer at the core, and as a result we have set new benchmarks that have redefined real estate.

About Gera

Welcome to Gera Developments, creators of premium residential
and commercial projects.

We strive for excellence and our
main objective is not just to meet the expectations of our customers but to surpass them.