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After witnessing furious growth in the past in terms of sales and new launches – markets have streamlined at sustainable levels. Prices have increased by 10.85% across all projects over the last 12 months. While yearly growth in offtake and new launches remain at healthy levels – on a six-monthly basis both offtake and new launches have decreased by -4% and -22%. Higher sizes continue to do well in terms of offtake and find favour with customers. The replacement ratio is 0.95 indicating that demand is greater than supply while inventory overhang is <9 months reiterates the fact that market fundamentals remain strong in the near to medium term.

The Gera Residential Realty Report | Volume 13 | Issue 1 | January 2024

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About the Report

The Gera Pune Residential Realty Report is a bi-annual initiative by Gera Developments that is aimed at garnering insights on both the supply and demand sides of the residential realty market in Pune. This census-based study uses feet on street methodology of data gathering and covers the Pune Urban Agglomeration area. The data is then validated and statistically analysed. What started, as a knowledge gathering initiative in 2011 has now become something that realtors, IPCs, Research Houses, Brokerage Houses and Banks & Financial Institutions look forward to. Besides a broad overview of inventory available, off-takes and prices, the report dives deeper to mine insights by price segment, sq. footage, construction stage and size of unit.


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