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Gera's Home Equity Power

Gera's Home Equity Power is yet another Industry first by Gera Developments to ease the liquidity pressure on customers who buy with us.

Besides being an affirmation to our customer centric approach, it is also a reflection of our unflinching commitment to delight customers with innovative offerings. With this unique initiative, customers can draw back a part of their own contribution paid for their under-construction Gera home. However, customers can not draw back from the amount paid to us by banks and other financial institutions as home loans. The draw-back facilities will help customers in meeting any urgent fund requirements.

Stemming from our philosophy of Let's Outdo, Gera's Home Equity Power is an initiative to support customers tide through any financial emergencies and strengthen our bond with them beyond transactions. It is a manifestation of our core values – Trust and Customer First!

Customers who can avail this will be existing customers of our under-construction project; details appended below.

How much amount a customer can withdraw? And who are eligible.
a) The customer can withdraw a max of Rs. 5 lac or 10% of the Consideration Value (CV) excluding the GST component, whichever is lower.
b) Registration is compulsory
c) The customer can avail this facility after making his full payment as per the billing Milestone and should not have any dues till the last billing milestone on the day of his application.
d) Applicable to only Self-Funded Customers.
e) The Developer is having sole discretion and decision to honour the application of the Customers.

At what duration they can avail this facility?
The customer can avail this facility after completion of 65% of the billing milestones and should have no dues till the last billing milestone.

Will it be interest free or will there be interest charged? If yes, then how much?
The interest charged will be as per the RERA Rate of Interest.

When do the customer return the withdrawn money back?
Only the under-construction projects are eligible for this scheme.
The Row House Customers (Likely possession by June 22) can payback the outstanding before the possession in 3 equated instalments.
The Apartment Customers can payback the outstanding in 3 equated instalments before March 2022.

Who would be the customer touch point from Finance who will assist the customer in availing this service?
The respective CRM representative will be the SPOC to avail this offer

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