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Importance of picking a Commercial Space for your Business with Modern Amenities

Project Of The Month | 31st March, 2022

Pune’s commercial industry is primarily driven by the IT/ITES, BFSI, engineering, and manufacturing sectors.

While the rest of the nation is gradually assimilating the digital world, Pune has been a step ahead with digitalization.

This has opened a plethora of opportunities for startups, SMEs, and even international companies to venture out in Pune. Such an environment has set off a “Competitive Market” in this city. No matter who the player is, the consumers are interested in the quality, longevity, and expeditious services.

While this constitutes a welcoming commercial landscape, sustainability in such competition solely relies on the business. Your business model, ancillaries, distribution, delivery, technology and ecommerce– all these components require a unified platform for seamless functioning. Simply put, the best insurance for your company is choosing an efficient space.

So, what is an efficient commercial space? Why not just buy any plot and set it up on your own?

Well, the startup culture thrives on trial and error, and improvisations along the way. Investing in a plot, increasing debt, working on credit become liabilities that can hinder the initial phase. The best way to get started is to establish your base in an environment that can facilitate your growth, without having to decide every intricate detail– and that is exactly what commercial spaces offer.

Under the administration of Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), various business parks, dedicated-IT hubs, SEZs were introduced to aid small enterprises. Some provisions mandate commercial property for sale in Pune to encourage this culture.

Capitalizing on such zones, real estate developers have introduced commercial projects strictly catering to businesses. Gera’s Imperium Gateway is one such commercial property in PCMC.  Let us explore more on what these projects offer:

Office Spaces

While ‘staring from our garage’ are the romanticized success stories that inspire us, the more practical approach would be to rent an office space according to your needs. This will help you in two ways:

~Firstly, it will legitimize your business. Investors are likely to trust a well-organized backdrop; also validating your dedication.

~Secondly, it helps in the recruiting process as well. Candidates are most likely to follow through to an SME or a startup company judging by the office space, implying that it is not just another half-baked project but a legit career opportunity.

The Imperium Gateway offers an array of configurations ranging from carpet areas of 134-1111 sq. ft.

An indirect advantage of which is, even if you opt for smaller office space, you still avail the benefits of the entire complex. Which brings us to the next point.

Well-Structured Complex

A high-end commercial complex is an asset in itself. These spaces are designed to give a corporate aesthetic to your company. The Imperium Gateway is a majestic structure, elegantly encased in glass on both sides, leaving a lasting impression.

This ongoing multi-storey project presents an array of floor plans to integrate a variety of companies and shops.

The other facet of a premium commercial complex is that they offer food courts, ATMs,banks, recreational facilities, grocery & convenience stores, and many other such provisions that help employees cope with strenuous hours.

Smart Features

As mentioned earlier, the primary requirement of a commercial space is efficiency. Developers market their projects based on the various intelligent features that cater to the high-octane fast-paced environment.

Gera’s Imperium Gateway ensures that your digital operations run with no interruption with fully wi-fi enabled premises.

Besides this, energy-efficient measures are implemented such as time-based lighting and solar-powerdriven lighting for driveways. Owing to this energy conservation, the rent structure is adjusted accordingly. The reduced expenses lead to reduced lease rentals.


The pandemic has facilitated a more serious outlook on the security of the employees. Imperium Gateway is no exception in implementing stern regulations, to get the premises post-pandemic ready.

Apart from this, highly efficient firefighting systems are installed. Maintenance, monitoring appliances, regular checks of the HVAC systems for glass-enclosed structure, and many other compliances are thoroughly abided by at this commercial property in PCMC.

Investing in a commercial complex ensures your employees safety as high-end security services are used to secure the premises. Many complexes use RFID, smart card, security checks, CCTV cameras to maintain a digital record.

Indirect Advantage of a Commercial Complex

Since one of the core pillars of a business is networking, one can form several business relationships since many companies are included in such projects.

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